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Vending News:

Featured in "Vending Times" : PAYKEY® Adds Cash/Card Revaluing Station Vending Times Magazine


Wayne Eddy, Purchasing – Senior Buyer of Honeywell in Greer, SC, states, “Our two plants made the decision to eliminate the subsidizing of our cafeteria services... Read More

Cashless Vending Solutions: PAYKEY®

home-image-1PAYKEY® is the safest and most advanced cashless system used in the vending world. A PAYKEY® System consists of a number of stand-alone machine controllers and a set of electronic Paykeys, one for each end user. No network, telephone or wireless connections are needed. Every machine controller records the keys'content, authorizes purchases, supplies detailed counters and income listings, and it is protected against fraud or tampering attempts. More Info

Why Go Cashless?

Automatic vending installations are increasingly adopting cashless solutions because cashless offers numerous immediate advantages. Cashless is easier to install, safer, and cheaper than traditional payment systems. Each end user can buy products and services utilizing a convenient electronic Paykey. This, in turn, reduces the use of bills, coins, and the inconvenience of change. The features and technical solutions of the cashless systems considerably increase the whole vending system reliability and performance.